Gentry (GTK Entry)



Program to do data entry into a MySQL database using an GTK GUI application.


This program stemmed from a need to be able to data enter data into an SQL table without having to actually type the SQL over and over again for lots of data. I also wanted to be able to put data into any table in the database.

This program connects to a local MySQL database server using your username and no password. The database must be setup for this in order to work. Additional work can (and most likely will) be done to accommodate other servers and username/password connection data. For now, it works for me and that was my primary reason for putting this program together.

As a consumer of the free software movement, I also wanted to return something to all those out there who are working hard to bring quality program to the Linux community.


New version 0.1.1 - Added support for varchar, char and date data types through an updated type parser. Still no support for lengths of char's but this will be coming in next version.

New version 0.1.2 - Fixed support for varchar, char and date data types to account for the length of the string for input. Also fixed a segfault caused by the query string being too small.

New version 0.1.3 - Small fix to move focus to the first entry box after insert it done as it is quite annoying to have to hit tab 4 times to start the next data entry.

New version 0.1.4 - Main change is to add error checking on db and table specified on command line. Also changed initial focus to first field.

New version 0.1.5 - 19-Jul-00 - Added initial code for datatype ENUM. Also fixed the Clear function so that the focus moves to the first field. I plan to add more code to ENUM to make the data type a drop-down box to choose items from.

New version 0.1.6 - 25-Jul-00 - Added code for auto_increment fields so that the next number to be assigned is displayed in the field and editing of this field is disabled.

New version 0.1.7 - 28-Jul-00 - Fixed the auto_increment code so that the auto_increment field can be anywhere in the table definition. There is still a bug in that if the program is run against a table with an auto_increment field and there are NO rows, the program will seg fault. I have not been able to track this down. Any assistance would be appreciated. Also fixed up the ENUM support so that the ENUM data is displayed in a Combo entry that allows the user to choose the item wanted.

Interim release - 5-Dec-00 - Added the time datatype to teh code and have put together a tar file of the diffs for this added code.

New version 0.1.8 - 6-Dec-00 - Added code for time datatype as well as new command line options to handle username, password and optionally the database and table.

New version 0.1.9 - 14-Jun-01 - Fixed the code segment that handles the auto_increment primary key detection so that it does not segfault on an empty table. This is done by getting the total number of rows and if it is 0, then bypass the code to get the max(id) from the table.

New version 0.1.10 - 26-Aug-03 - Added autoconf/automake code to dynamically look for and configure Mysql libs and headers.

New version 0.1.11 - 5-May-2005 - Added support for the following data/column types:

  • datetime
  • timestamp
  • float
  • year


    This program requires the following:

    MySQL libraries and headers

    GTK+ 1.2 libraries and headers, this includes glib which is used in the program.


    To download the program, see my project page on SourceForge.


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